Summer work in Greece

​SUMMER WORK IN GREECE is project leaded and managed by modern and purposeful company SIA "RZ agency"

​SUMMER WORK IN GREECE is project leaded and managed by modern and purposeful company SIA “RZ agency”
​Our company provide Animation & entertainment servicesNight entertainment services, Recruitment servicesCustomer services and Business & Employment consulting services.
We are professional, innovative, modern and very dynamic company what allow us to provide best possible service for employees and also employers.
Our target is to make easy way to find safe and the best possible job for our applicants and the best possible employers to our partners in easy way – using our services and joining to our project. 

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  1. Hi sir/madam,
    Have a nice day!
    Subject: I have applying for job in Financial accountant accountant department because I pursued working in the same ERP tool in Cognizant technology solutions as top 10 US firm.
    I am Mohamed nasiq.I have done completed which that my specialization is Finance&system respectively is dual core.However I have laid- totally 4 years experience Oracle consultant for underlying client in ‘Cognizant technology solutions’ as US top listed firm and hero motors.Now I am eagerly searching to job for other territories.So,I have got touch with you.Henceforth will you be take scrutinizing and screening on my resume for interview panel.

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